The General Election will be held on November 6, 2018.


Final summary results click here and final canvass results click here.  Referenda canvass click here.

State required 5% re-tabulation Public Notice click here.


For Specimen Ballot click here (your ballot will only have the districts you live in.)

Notice of General Election click herePolling Places click here.

The lottery for party ballot placement was held on Tuesday, May 8, 2018, at 9:00 a.m. at the County Clerk's Office.  Click here to see notice, and here for results. 

For an A-7 application to have a ballot mailed to you click here  (Return 8/8/2018 thru 11/1/2018 with first day to mail ballot is 9/27/18.)

List of locally filed candidates click here.

Certification from the State Board of Elections click here.

Notice of Public Questions click here (Referenda to be on ballot:  County wide click here; Farrington CCSD99 click here.)

The last day to file to be a write-in candidate is September 6, 2018 - for forms click here, and click here for list of those whom filed.

Early Voting Information click hereElderly & Nursing Home Notice click here and list of State submitted facilities with approximate times click here.

The last day for regular registration or transfer of registration is October 9, 2018.  Residents may register at the Illinois State Board of Elections web site until October 21, 2018, as long as they have a valid driver's license or State I.D.  [ - left side of home page - down to  SPOTLIGHT Online Voter Registration]



The State of Illinois' General Primary Election was held on March 20, 2018.  

Official Results will be posted on April 4, 2018, after official canvass approved:


Cover Page and Statistics click here

Democratic (pages 2-10) click here

Democratic (pages 11-23)  click here

Republican (pages 24-35) click here

Republican (pages 36-43) click here

Green Party (page 44) click here

Summary with detail:

Cover Page and pages 1-10 click here

pages 11-18 plus write-in totals click here.



Mandated 5% Re-tablulation click here

Notice of Primary Election and Polling Places click here

Specimen Ballot:  Democratic; Republican; Green

Early Voting Notice click here  -   see 2/7/18 note above.

New Voting tabulators: click here

Public Notice regarding write-in candidate, registering to vote, early voting and Senior Citizens, Nursing Home Residents & Disabled Voters:  click here

Public Test Notice click here

Notice of Color of Primary Ballots click here

Nursing Home voting will be Friday, March 16, 2018.  To see list click here.

For the State Board of Elections Calendar at a Glance click here.

For an A-7 Application for Vote By Mail Ballot click here - since this is a Primary Election, be sure to fill in party preference.  Applications can be returned after December 20, 2017, but ballots will not be mailed until February 8, 2018.  The last day to return application and for us to mail out a ballot is March 15, 2018.  (Military and overseas citizens should contact the office or State for information.)

The Military and Overseas Voter Guidelines click here

Candidates should refer to the Illinois State Board of Elections web site for

    1.  2018 Candidate's Guide or click here  which was amended 4/4/18 (frequently asked questions begin on page 49)

    2.  2018 Election and Campaign Finance Calendar or click here

    3.  Candidates whom file in Springfield can get the information/forms and print by clicking on the CANDIDATES ICON (across the top) - Running for Office - then selecting their office (available closer to circulating time)


For local candidate signature requirements click here. (Green Party is 5 except for Precinct Committeeman is 10.)  For 2018 Petition and Filing Information click here

Candidates file November 27, 2017 thru December 4, 2017. 

For the list of candidates whom have filed for the local offices click here.

The first day to circulate petitions for established party candidates is September 5, 2017:

   County Wide Offices petition P10 click here.

   County Board petition P26 click here.

   Precinct Committeemen petition P27 click here.

   Statement of Candidacy for P1 click here.

   Statement of Economic Interest Form click here  (not required for Precinct Committeemen).

    Loyalty Oath (optional) click here.

The last day to file to be a write-in candidate is January 18, 2018. Each successful write-in must file a Statement of Candidacy and Statement of Economic Interest Form (if office requires).  Click here for Intent to be a Write-In Form P-1F and Statement of Candidacy Form P-1.

NOTE:  Independent Candidates -  first day to circulate is March 27, 2018, for forms click here signed by qualified voters of the county equaling not less than 5%, nor more than 8% (or 50 more than the minimum, whichever is greater) of the number of persons who voted at the last general election in the county or county board district (see 2018 Candidate's Guide.)  County wide office is minimum of 860 and maximum of 1,375.  FILE JUNE 18-25, 2018.


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