The GENERAL ELECTION will be held on November 8, 2022


 Summary with Group Detail 

Canvass of votes

Local Public Questions


The State Board of Election Calendar at a Glance.

Local candidates with addresses.        Party Lottery results

 A-7 Absentee Application for the November 8, 2022, General Election may be received on August 10, 2022 - November 3, 2022.   The first day to mail out a ballot or early vote is September 29, 2022.                    You may apply to permanently be placed on vote by mail status using the A-7-1 Application.   It is the voter's responsibility to submit a new A-7-1 at least 45 days prior to the next election if they have any change to name, address or party preference.


Senior & Disabled Voters   Nursing Home Voting Friday, November 4, 2022 schedule

Early and Grace Voter Notice

Notice of General Election 

Polling Places   

Notice of Public Questions

Publication ballot click here.

Notice of Public Test

Retabulation Notice



June 28, 2022, Primary Election final results

   Summary ReportSummary with Group Detail Report.


Cover sheet + Statistics + Referenda

    Democratic Federal, State & County

    Democratic Precinct Committeeperson  

    Republican Federal, State & County

    Republican Precinct Committeeperson


The County just announced we will be closed on Monday, June 20th in observance of Juneteenth (National Holdiday), so there will not be Early Voting that day.

Specimens ballots:  Democratic, Republican, Non Partisan.

For list of LOCAL Candidates with addresses click here

The last day to withdraw is April 27, 2022, for P25 Form click here.

The last day to file to be a write-in candidate for the Primary is April 28, 2022, for P-1F Form click here.

Due to the delay in 2020 U.S. Census data, Illinois lawmakers passed an Omnibus Election bill which changed the Primary Election date to June 28, 2022 (Public Act 102-0015), along with other changes.  

The State maps after the 2020 Census have been approved.  Jefferson County Districts effective 2022 election:  12th Congressional District (no change), 58th State Senate District (no change) and 116th State Representative District (previously 115th).

To request a Vote by Mail Ballot for this election only A-7 application.   Nursing Home information and approximate times.

You can also request to be on Permanent Vote by Mail Status by completing A-7-1 application.   It is the voter's responsibility to complete a new A-7-1 application if they have an address, name or party change.  The change must be received in our office before the first day to mail out ballots for the next election.  If a change is received after we have mailed a ballot, we will not be able to mail another until the first one is returned by the post office.

State Board of Elections publications: 2022 Election and Campaign Finance Calendar, Primary Calendar at a Glance, or 2022 Candidate's Guide.  


Elderly & Handicapped Act Public Notice        Early & Grace Voting         Notice of Primary Election

Primary Ballot Colors                Notice of Public Questions             Public Test Notice

5% Retabulation Notice


For unofficial Filing Information click here or Signature Information click here.

The first day to circulate petitions for established party candidates is January 13, 2022:

Statement of Candidacy SBE P-1

County Wide Office Petition SBE P-10-2022  Candidate's Guide info sheets.

County Board Petition SBE P-26-2022 Candidate's Guide info sheets.

Precinct Committeeperson Petition SBE P-27-2022 Candidate's Guide info sheet.

Loyalty Oath SBE P-1C (Optional)

New for 2022 Statement of Economic Interest Form and Definitions (not required for Precinct Committeeperson)

Code of Fair Campaign Practices click here.


The first day to circulate petitions for Indepedent or New Political Party candidates is April 13, 2022:

(You cannot file as an Independent or New Political Party Candidate if you filed a Statement of Candidacy for an established political party for the 2022 Primary (even if you withdrew), or if you vote in the Primary 2022 for an established political party.)

Independent Statement of Candidacy, Petition and Loyalty Oath (optional) click here

New Political Party Statement of Candidacy, Petition and Loyal Oath (optional) click here

New for 2022 Statement of Economic Interest Form and Definitions






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