The Annual Sealed Bid Auction offers citizens the opportunity to submit bids for properties that have been foreclosed due to outstanding Real Estate Taxes.

To purchase a catalog of the properties, click here.

     2022 Sealed Bid Auction - Successful Bidders

     2021 Sealed Bid Auction - Successful Bidders

The Annual Tax Auction is for the sale of unpaid property taxes and penalties.

     Next Tax sale date: 

          January 5, 2023 - for unpaid 2021 real estate taxes payable in 2022, and unpaid 2022 mobile home taxes.

     Tax Sale Fees

     Notice to Tax Sale Buyers

     Tax Sale Buyer Registration Form

     Tax Auction Message

     W-9 Form

     Delinquent Tax Sale FAQ's

Tax Sale Results By Tax Year:

     2021 payable 2022     

     2020 payable 2021

     2019 payable 2020

     2018 payable 2019


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