The County Clerk is elected to a 4 year term and is responsible for the following duties:

  • Serving as clerk to the County Board
  • Sending out agendas for Committee and Full Board meetings
  • Preparing minutes from Full Board meetings
  • Issuing Marriage License
  • Issuing certified vital records (birth, death, marriage)
  • Tending to genealogy records
  • Collecting Delinquent Taxes after they have gone to tax sale
  • Issuing Payroll and accounts payable for entire County
  • Registering Notary commissions
  • Administering Voter Registration
  • Managing all election proceedings as Election Authority
  • Calculating the rates for taxing authorities based on levies they have turned in
  • Recording prepared documents transferring land
  • Keeping and preserving all records of deeds
  • Maintaining records of subdivision plats, mortgages, and all types of liens against property
  • Assuming name/Doing Business As
  • Veterans discharged from the military (DD214)



T: 618.244.8020 ext. 3

Select option 1 for the recording department and tax extensions

Select option 2 for vital records, delinquent taxes, elections/voter registration, payroll and accounts payable

F: 618.244.8023

E: main jeffcoclerk@jeffil.us

payroll/accounts payable jeffcoclerk2@jeffil.us

recording jeffrecorder@jeffil.us

elections election@jeffil.us


Office/Mailing Address:

100 South 10th Street

Room 105

Mt. Vernon, IL 62864



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