There are approximately 200 food service establishments in Jefferson County. We inspect each one.  We inspect some establishments once a year, some twice a year and some three times a year depending on their risk classification.  For example, retail stores and some bars we inspect once a year, fast food establishments we inspect twice a year and establishments that have more complicated menus or their main cliental are either young, elderly or in poor health , such as buffets and schools, nursing homes, hospitals and day cares three times a year. 
It is important that if you are going to open a food service establishment to contact us prior to opening.  We will need to approve and permit the establishment.  Contacting us first may save you money and headaches.  The establishment must meet the requirements of the Illinois Department of Public Health Food Sanitation Code, such as a commercial three compartment sink, separate hand sink, smooth durable and easily cleanable floors.  We will send you a planning guide.  We will be glad to answer any questions you may have.  Doing things right will save you headaches as well as us.  Our main goal is to prevent food borne illness. 
If you are planning a temporary event to sell food that will last 2 or more days, you must contact us.  We will have to inspect and permit you, prior to your opening.
We also offer hand washing presentations to schools, nursing homes or any other organization that wishes to show the proper way to wash hands.  We use a powder that glows in UV light.  We put this on the hands and let the participants try to wash it off.  Most people are surprised on how poorly they are at washing hands. Kids really get a kick out of this.
We do not give Certified Food Service Manager classes but can tell you where they are given. 
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