Illinois will have a General Election on Tuesday, November 4, 2014

For after election testing, adding late ballots, and canvass notice click here.

For an absentee application click here, except military and/or overseas residents need to contact


Final Election Results 

CANVASS of results:  Cover page, statistics, write-in click here;  State questions, Federal & State candidates click here;  County candidates and quesitons click here.




A lottery to determine the order in which the major political parties will appear on the ballot was conducted on Monday, May 5, 2014, and the order will be Republican, Democratic, Green.

For the Notice of General Election click here.  

There are 106 ballot styles. For the list of  your ballot content click here. For the sample publication ballot which includes all offices/questions click here.  (The Publication Ballot is scheduled to be published on October 14th.)  To see if your County Board District is up this time click here


For information regarding the General Election (absentee dates, etc.) click here.

Early Voting Notice click here.

For the Public Notice for Senior Citizens and Disabled Voters click here.

For the Notice of Public Test of Automatic Tabulating Equipment click here.

For the Notice of Public Questions click here

For a copy of the pamphlet to be mailed by the Secretary of State regarding amendments to the 1970 Illinois Constitution click here.



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