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Real Estate Tax Prepayment Plan

Beginning the first business day of the month following the second installment due date, prepayments towards the next Jefferson County Real Estate Tax bills will be accepted. The prepayment period is open for six (6) months, or until the next billing cycle begins:

  • Pay up to 100% of your last tax bill.
  • Pay as often as you like.
  • Any property owner is eligible to participate
  • All real estate taxes MUST be current, and there can be no outstanding delinquent tax years.
  • Prepayments may be made with cash, or check only.
  • Prepayments sent by mail must include the index number(s) to which payment is to be applied.

Please call 618-244-8010 or stop by our office if you have any further questions.

The payment plan is optional and there is no charge to participate.

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